For private bookings the musicians of Palace Avenue can dress in either tuxedos or era-appropriate dapper vintage attire (vintage suits, braces, tweed, vintage ties, bow ties, cravats, cloth caps, Hawaiian shirts etc).
All of the Palace Avenue bands are able to perform just as effectively in smaller line ups and can also expand with additional horns if desired.
If there is any particular repertoire that you would like included please let us know beforehand.
The cost of booking one of the Palace Avenue bands will depend on the size of the band, the length of time on site at the venue, and the distance to travel, as well as any other additional considerations.
The Palace Avenue Bands are regularly asked to perform at weddings, many that have a distinct vintage theme. A variation of the Quartet or Hot Club will often perform a more informal sophisticated early cocktail set to welcome guests. Both are perfectly suited to this as they can perform at a volume that keeps feet tapping and swings nicely but does not drown out conversation. Both bands can then expand with the addition of a larger horn and rhythm section into the Swing, Jive Band, Flames of Rhythm or Big Band (and perhaps change outfits) for a more exciting stage performance to keep the dance floor swinging into the night.
Many couples ask for the band to not only perform a particular special song, but to recreate a particular version of a song (Louis Armstrong ‘When You’re Smiling’ is very popular!) and this is something that we’re always very happy to do.
If you are unsure what style of music might best suit your event we can advise and can put together a bespoke vintage band of any size in any style 1920-50s tailored to your event. If you are holding a specific vintage-themed event we can advise on the perfect entertainment dressed up in fine style to amaze your guests.


Whether it is as a solo performer, duo, trio, quartet, full band or a bespoke line-up chosen to suit your event, the musicians of Palace Avenue will provide a stylish, elegant swinging sound to create the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail party, wedding, birthday celebration, swing dance, corporate event and more. If the brief is to fill the dance floor then the musicians take great pleasure in upping the volume and swing!